Friday, September 4, 2009

Funky :o)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! And I hope that you enjoy our AWESOME 3-day Labor day weekend! <3

Okay, on Wednesday night, Matt stayed home from work because he had an awful migrane that put him down for the count. I stayed home from our Church's pot luck to be with him. When it got later, I decided to play with my make-up and see what I come up with. My intentions was to do the nautral eye look with the pop of bright red lips. Well.....below is what came out. It became an icy look. I have a lot of highlighter on my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. I have a ton of white eyeliner underneath my eye that it actually coated my lashes...which looked super cool. Matt took pics of me and the look somewhat came through to the camera. It's different and I totally like it! Remember, this was at the end of the day and my foundation was a day old. Lol. But it worked! :D

Eyes: Natural-skin color, very soft shimmery eyeshadow
Thin black eyeliner line with a small thicker wing
White eyeliner- a ton! Inside my eyelid & underneath and pulled down a little and out to the black wing (triangle)
Silver glitter eyeliner on bottom lash line
Thick black mascara but only on the top lashes

Cheeks: Bronzer for contouring
Soft pinkish/brownish color on top & apples
Lots of highlighter on cheek bones

Lips: Icy light purple lipstick
White eyeshadow
Glossy light pinky/frosty lip gloss
Silve glitter eye liner around the lips to outline (not sure if I like that or not! looked cool in person though.

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