Saturday, April 17, 2010


I l.o.v.e. animals. I always have since I was a little girl. I used to rescue birds, lady bugs, puppies, butterflies, kitties, anything that I thought needed my help. I used to gather lady bugs and put them in a plastic container with just plants. I never knew that they ate bugs until after Matt and I got married. I always wondered why they died so quickly. I even ran a dog rescue where I had about 14 dogs total, including 7 puppies. I would take dogs off of the streets, nurse them back to health if needed, and then I would screen calls for future families. :) That was fun. I don't want to do that again but it was definitely worth it then. A lot of families got wonderful pets.

One of my favorite things to do is go to zoos, Sea World, etc. Thankfully, my husband shares in this passion. When we went to Sea World this last December, I cried during the Dog & Cat show because I was so excited. I know I'm weird but I truly get emotional over things that I have a love for.

Matt loves dolphins. I love big cats. His are intelligent and sleek. Mine are independent and graceful. His are playful and extraordinary. Mine are beautiful and powerful. His are gentle and family-oriented. Mine are dangerous and alluring. His are amazing. Mine will eat you. :)

I also love pot-bellied pigs, horses, exotic birds, vipers, cats and dogs. But that's the short list.

Right now, Matt and I have a total of (5) animals. Bullet, our German Shepherd that I rescued last summer. Snickers, our Himalayan that we got at the animal shelter. And (2) tortoises and (1) water turtle. These next few pictures are of my little people pets. I have to remind our moms that this is it as far as grandchildren go for a little while longer. :) They don't mind. They love their animals as much as we love ours.


This is me. Most of the time. Seriously. :)

Me having fun on the 1930's Hollywood Glam photo-shoot. Laughing & enjoying the moment.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Juneberry Photography 4.13.10

I'm so thankful for the people that I meet in this industry. They are blessings in so many different ways. Especially Jessie Kenney. She was the hairstylist who contacted me to model for the Avant Garde Hairstyle photo-shoot in February. She has now started her own photography business, Juneberry Photography and she is really talented! She is a natural lighting photographer and I hope she suceeds!!! Jessie is great with the camera and with all of her ideas and cuteness, people will just fall in love with her and her skill! Jessie has the cutest quote for her business:

"You are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you."- Dr. Seuss

Love it! How adorable is that? Now she is able to capture those moments that emphasize who you are and the moments in life that are precious. Jessie is also a very talented hairdresser and is becoming a fantastically great photographer! And it helps that she's cute as a button.

Matt and I really enjoyed our evening with her! We laughed, moved furniture, dug some holes, tackled each other, and just had a good time. So grateful to have met her and hopefully we can work with her again in the future. I love the opportunity to work with Matt, being able to showcase and emulate the love that we have for each other in pictures. :) One of my favorites things.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hairstyle: Jessie Kenney
Make-up: Me (Jessie wanted a certain look)
Wardrobe: Me (Jessie wanted a certain look)


One. Of. The. Best. Pictures. Ever.
Me literally jumping into Matt - taking both of our breaths away. Matt told me that I didn't have to tackle him like a linebacker. :) Jessie captured at the moment of impact. I can be so graceful sometimes. Lol!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Totally Rockin' Out

While I'm typing blogs and updating my port's....I'm totally blasting my Itunes. :)

One of my favorites is this song by the Pussycat Dolls:

Enjoy! <3

Molly Williams - Lifestyle Shoot - 3.28.10

On Sunday, March 28th, Matt and I drove out to Leucadia, Ca and met the most talented photographers, Molly Williams. She attended the Jasmine Star's Photography Workshop on February 12th. Molly had some of the most amazing images from that day. We figured out that she lived close to us and we contacted her to set up a tfcd shoot! We were ecstatic when she accepted.

Molly is just the cutest and sweetest thing ever. Her husband, Jeremy, joined us for the shoot as well. And so did Bullet. :) We all had a blast together!! We laughed and totally enjoyed the day. After the shoot, we decided to eat at a sushi restaurant on Pacific Highway. After Jeremy officially stuffed his face full of as much sushi as he could get his hands on, we decided that we were going to do a double date again sometime soon. It's rare when you are able to find a couple that you feel like you've been friends forever with. We are grateful to have met them and to hopefully become great friends with! I felt so comfortable with her as we shot...which says a lot about her. She's down to earth, real and beautiful. Her heart is precious.

Molly is definitely talented and her dreams are to be a successful high-end wedding photographer. She has the skills to take her there and I wish her the best of luck! I absolutely *LOVE* the pictures that she took of me. Her exposure, angling and editing are so complimentary. Molly uses the natural lighting (no reflectors, no flash etc) that the Lord has provided. I hope you love the pictures as much as I do. :)

I did my own make-up, hair & wardrobe. :)