Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Train & Street Bike Photo-Shoot 4.10.2010

This photoshoot was more edgy and a little sassy. It definitely represents my crazy-adrenaline-wild child side. :)

I'm not your typical girly-girl. Yes, I love femininity. Yes, I love shoes and shopping. Yes, I love to cook and to bake goodies. Yes, I love wearing make-up and being all dolled up.

BUT I also love to get dirty. .

I'm very cautious at first with anything that I do. Once I know what I'm getting into and feel comfortable with it, I go balls to the walls, I own it and then I rock it.

As a kid until now, I love to do the craziest things: jumping off a building only to do a dive roll when my feet touched the grass, using my radio flyer wagon for flying down steep hills, jumping & 4-wheeling my little blazer that could, sitting outside the window while my friend drove at 65 mph, shooting guns, riding on the back of my husband's super-sport street bike (and standing up while still moving), 4-wheeling my truck in terrain that I'm still surprised that I got out of, riding a quad with absolutely no fear and am also the girl who dreams of owning my own street bike one day. There's a lot more but my mom reads this. She never had any clue of my craziness ~ or at least that's what I've always thought.

I had a red truck that wasn't decked out for off-roading but I treated it like it was. Not a smart thing to do but oh well what are you gonna do. My best friend April and I used to take that truck off-roading in the hills in the back of Hemet. There was this hill but at the top of it you wouldn't know that it was one. At night, I would take April and a few of the guys that hadn't ridden with me before and I would stop a little bit before the lip of the hill. It looked as though the road disappeared into the darkness of night. April and I would look at each other, play it up like we didn't know what was there, scream like we were insane and then with my foot peeled to the floor I would fly off of it - jumping it - landing on the downside! You've never truly heard grown men scream before until those moments. :)

Yes, I'm a little gutsy. And I love it. Life's an adventure and just have fun with it!

I was contacted by Troy, Van Cleave Photography, on Model Mayhem. I'm very grateful that he did! I loved his work so Matt and I decided that we would agree to work with him. I went with more of a fashion look and then a little bit more of an edgy-glamour look for the street bike. Matt rode his street bike down for me to use in the shoot, making those shots more special. Troy was very professional and a super nice guy. He takes great images and you can buy them off of his website. Matt and I plan on doing another shoot with him sometime in the near future.

Hope you like them!

I did my own make-up, hair and wardrobe. :)

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