Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Befores & Afters

Hi Ya'all!!! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall day! Below are my before's and after's of my first make-up party. Matt finished these a little while ago and I didn't know they were done! Silly me. :o) I will be posting my favorite pictures soon so you can see them first hand!

Jennylyn Billings <3

"Jodi has such a warm and fun personality. She is honest and fair and she can be trusted to fulfill her obligations as a business owner. She is very creative and knows how to perfect a variety of different makeup looks. Jodi has a passion for makeup and creativity, and for making you look more beautiful than you ever imagined." - Jennylyn

Briget Addison <3

"I had a wonderful time allowing Jodi to do my makeup. Even though we are friends, she was extremely professional. Even if I were "only" a client, she would have made me feel special. I let her be creative and do whatever she wanted to with my makeup. She created a look that I would have NEVER done on my own, but I LOVED it. She gave me a fun, very bold & smoky 'going out on the town' look. My husband thought it was HOT! I can't wait to have her do my makeup for a special occasion. Thanks, Jodi!" - Briget

Hugs & Kisses!

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