Friday, March 25, 2011

New Blogs


Okay ~ after staying up for most of the night last night designing and making my blogs "oh so perfect and pretty", they are live! Go check them out & be sure to follow them. And show my posts some love ~ I always love getting comments, it makes my day!

Jodi the Make-Up Artist

Jodi the Professional Model

This blog is going to be my personal blog. I will write about my meanderings, my poems, my adventures and my crazy emotional mood swings. Lol! Now Matt will be able to share that part of me. :)

Today I have been so out of whack and not feeling too good. Feeling light headed, weak and just completely ran down. I know I have "blood" issues and could be the culprit, and hopefully I will feel better in a lil bit because I have a GIRLS NIGHT to get too! I want to be sipping on a Pomegranate Martini with some awesome girls from Royal Fabulosity talking about important girly stuff.

Have a great night! Enjoy this rainy cold weather!! Every day is a gift! Be excited for whatever it brings :)



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