Saturday, December 12, 2009




I am standing next to the burning fire

Feeling the heat of defeated recollections

Finally ready to unleash the broken flames

That has bruised my shattered heart

I am willing to burn my memories to life

Flickering my tears to an unstable plateau

Concentrating on the wick of destruction

That forces my soul to subside inevitably

I want to play each broken record

As the blaze begins to shine hysterically

Watching every moment on a blank screen

Until every tear tied to my heart is felt passionately

It is easier to pretend that nothing has happened

With the past disappearing into a false sense of reality

Just as is it was dancing into an erratic inferno

Creating it hard to breathe without the oxygen it requires

But I believe that I have created enough strength

To conquer all of the giants that stand in my way

And I believe that I have enough courage

To face all the demons that dance behind my solitude

I am finally able to aim and fire

Targeting the center of the heavy weights

That push my containable spirit down

Down in to the shadows of begotten happenings

I yearn to fall on my knees in prayer

While reality presently becomes the truth

And crashes into the firestorm’s center

Overwhelming me with emotions ignored

I will stand and fight the urge to tremble

I will walk and overcome this hell hole

And I will be set free…


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