Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain Drops

I am so enjoying this RAIN!!!!! Right now the rain is inspiring me to totally blast music that I'm getting so lost in and dancing when I feel inspired too. I feel so free and can totally just be artistic when I have nights like this. Especially when there is no one around. I just wish that I could actually dance beautifully. Nights like this create a fire in me to write poems by the candlelight while listening to: emotional lyrics, beautiful symphonies, the rain glistening the skies. I have had writers block for a couple of years. I've had some ideas for some but I never sit down and finish them. At the end of this post I will copy one, maybe two, that I wrote awhile ago.....just for my few readers who actually read my blog. :o)

Today I met an old high school friend, Anya, to do her make-up for her family's semi-formal party. She wanted to be a little bit more dolled-up and glamorized. I didn't bring my camera to take pictures, I should have, but I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. But Anya looked absolutely gorgeous!!! It was so nice to see her. She has the cutest home and the most precious little family. One thing that I remember most about her was her gentle and kind spirit. And today her wonderful attributes shone through as if they have only grown. Thank you Anya for a lovely rainy afternoon!

A Poem by Me, Jodi Newton, for your reading enjoyment (hopefully :p ):

Another tear drops behind my memory

Spinning into the core inside my heart

The tear is obscured by passion from hopes

Swept across my dreams like a silent whisper

Dancing around the depths of my soul

Where secrets before were never discovered

Taking deep breaths toward the star light

Uncovering my despair from grieving my love

That disappeared into the false hopes of my affection

Feeling forsaken I gently close my eyes

Tears begin to drench my sun-kissed cheeks

And the pain is too hard to endure

Memories float around the rose’s heart

Challenging the petals to unfold

The thorns are hidden from my tear’s anguish

Not recognizing the blood that drips from my suffering

The sensation of absence is throbbing

And controlling my weakness to relinquish

Without faith I slowly open my eyes

Returning to the hopes that I dare to dream

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