Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Shoot

Since I was little, I have been approached by various random people wanting me to model for them. I thought they were lunatics - not for me getting into modelling, but that they were really insane because who would really scout in the mall, right? As I began to get older, some of my family members always thought that I could be a model because I had that "all-american" look and straight, hanger like shoulders. I truly never believed that I could do it and I was afraid of the camera feeling like I wasn't pretty enough. I know - coming from the girl who was always in front of the camera, always had a mic in her hand, was always on stage performing, the girl who had so much energy, and the girl who was always doing the craziest things for a laugh. Me afraid of the camera, right?! My mom would laugh at that comment. But I truly was and still am. When I walk onto a photo-shoot it's time to work. It's time to focus and time to rock it. I have to get my mind in the right creative drive. I am very happy how some pictures turn out and there are some that I'm like "Okay....don't do that next time!" It's a learning experience and something that I need to constantly work at and hone in on my skill. I was born a performer. I was born to be fearless and confident. I was born to be a total wild child. :) I have to be confident and believe that I can do it, otherwise it shows in my pictures - through my eyes, through my body language and through my energy.

So here's to it girls! Here's to being beautiful the way God created us! Being unique, beautiful and down right gorgeous! Don't be afraid to strut your stuff :) l! Allow your heart to shine through and don't be afraid to be the individual that makes you so special!

About a month ago, Matt and I decided to take out the camera and take some pictures just so I could get some practice! It was fun. :) This was actually more of a test shoot to see if I had the stuff to really rock it and if I could take some good images. I've heard people say that modelling isn't just about being a pretty face. And it's so true! I have to say that it's a lot easier to work the camera when your husbands behind it. I hurried and did my make-up and threw on an outfit that I probably won't use for a real shoot. It's not the most flattering for the camera. :) But hey - another learning experience. The following pics are good but not great. Loved it. Learned from it. Launched my passion for it. Check. :)

Yes. I look like I'm going to eat you alive in this picture. :)

This would have looked so much better if I relaxed my mouth!


Definitely learned to have "relaxed & delicate" hands. No claw hands. Not so feminine. Check.

Have a great night!!!




  1. work it lovely lady!! you are beautiful, but your inner beauty is what truly shines, love ya girlie!! xoxo


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