Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jennifer Brotchie Photography

One of the photographers that took part in the Jasmine Star's Workshop created the most special tribute to Matt and I using her pictures from that shoot. I befriended her on Facebook and she is such a special and sweet lady! I'm so blessed to have met her and to have her as a new friend. Jennifer emailed me wanting me to give her a couple of songs that remind me of my love with Matt. I emailed her about 7 songs - I love music, I couldn't help it and she wanted options so... :) She put together this A*M*A*Z*I*N*G slide show to one of my favorites songs that remind me so much of when Matt and I began dating. Jennifer's pictures are some of my favorites from that photo shoot - her lighting and exposures are exquisite! She then emailed me wanting to know our love story and how we met. It is now posted for the whole world to read! It is so wonderful and so neat that Matt and I have a whole post to our love - in both story and pictures. Thank you Jennifer so very much! For everything! For the print that you are going to send us our way! For the beautiful pictures! And for the special on our love!! We appreciate you so very much!!


  1. oh wow! thank you for this, it is soo heartfelt... xoxo

  2. Xoxo's back at ya! I meant every word too. It meant so much to Matt and I that you did that sweetie!


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