Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures from Jasmine Star’s Workshop

Again, I can't even explain how much FUN it was yesterday! Jasmine has this audacious personality and you can't help but just love her to pieces. As we were modeling for all of the photographers as Jasmine was giving them direction and teaching them, she gave Matt and I direction as to how she wanted us to model. She helped me learn, place, "smeyes" (Tyra…lol) and just to relax and have fun! Thank you Jasmine for a wonderful experience, a chance to work with you, and to learn from you! Absolutely a beautiful experience!

If you look at Jasmine's work on her blog and on her website - she is so extremely talented and takes the most beautiful pictures! We are so very blessed to have her camera pointed at us for just a little while!! Hopefully we will have the opportunity again. :)

Some of the photographers that had a seat in yesterday's workshop! I found their blogs and saw their amazingness. Seriously….they were so much fun! I loved how we laughed, worked it, and saw their awesome personalities! I am so excited for them and I wish them the best in this industry! With those wonderful smiles and personalities – it should be pretty far! Thank you everyone for such a wonderful experience!!!! Below is just a few of the blogs that I found with some of their pics. I can't wait to see the other wonderful shots that they took!

One of my favorite pictures of Matt and I from yesterday!!!



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